A story of freshness



Shindara is a Premium Hair care Line. The  Journey started  over six years ago; catering to individuals who wish to express their natural, personal style and individuality .


The Ingredients in our Products have been used in our salons and have now been perfectly formulated for best results.

the shindara name 

SHINDARA when literally translated means "still performing wonders”. Our assurance is that our oils and Hair products will perform wonders on your hair to make it wonderful. 

our products 

The Shindara Brand formulates premium Hair care products  specifically  for boosting moisture whilst repairing , strengthening and promoting hair growth. Our Products  work well for all hair types including Dreadlocks, Permed hair and Natural Braids .

our ingredients

All our products are

100% Natural Organic 

They are NOT tested on Animals (Cruelty Free) 

Contain No parabens or Hash Chemicals 

No Artificial colourings 

Our ingredients are  all ethically sourced and we only work with suppliers that are  certified by the Soil Association 

Our Products are Made in Great Britain

we  also ensure packaging our products with reusable Glass and Cardboards which can also be easily recycled