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Thank you so much for the moisturising hair and scalf oil. The packaging is so elegant. The smell is so refreshing and it not too oily for my locs which is really good. I'm very pleased with my purchase. Thanks again!

Arnold A.


Being that i have been a key worker through the Pandemic my schedule has been incredibly busy which meant consistent Hair care was very difficult for me and it showed. when i purchased the Shindara Moisturising hair oil i was amazed too the difference it made in such a short space of time. My hair and Beard stopped Breaking, my hair was and felt softer and i had lasting moisture through the day which was essential for me because i was suffering from dry hair.
when i eventually went to get my hair cut my barber was highly impressed with how well i had looked after my hair he even stated he had see soon many people come in with terrible dry hair and mine was the best he had seen i ensued to refer him to Shindara essentials.

if you have a need t improve the care look texture and health of your hair i would strongly advice to Purchase one of Shindara Essential hair care oils.

Anu Awotula


So 1st, I want to talk about the packaging!
Its done very well so that your product is delivered perfectly to you, look at the picture below to see.

So 2nd the smell? It's hard to describe but i do smell the floral notes and it's definitely a pleasant smell for sure. I like how it's subtle and not too overpowering.

So the most important part, how does it feel on the hair?! LIGHT LIGHT LIGHT! Honestly I dislike moisturising my hair, the product leaves a heavy and wet/oily feel to my hair all day but NOT this!
I'm left feeling like my scalp happy and moisturised and hair feels soft.

FINALLY, Would I recommend this? DEFINITELY! I love that it comes with a container that fits everything so i can travel with this easily!



This oil is amazing. Smells good. I’ve been using it for almost 3 weeks and I’ve seen a massive difference it has had so far, my scalp is hydrated and my hair looks healthier and definitely feels stronger. (My natural curls have also been flourishing). Love the concept of the glass pipette too, makes it so much easier to use and maintain.



I am truly proud of this achievement. The moisture oil is superb. It took time to get used to the yanglang smell but now I love it. My hair is supple and scalp has stopped itching. Great job. #shindaraessentials.